Saturday, January 28, 2012

High School? Decide to Love it or Hate it!

You either make it or break it in high school, and it all depends on you. If you have a negative view towards high school, your friends, society, and everything else, JUST STOP IT! High school is life. You have the people who want to be you, the people who want to make you feel like you don't exist, stress, relationships, sex, drugs, and enemies. So dont go around crying everyday becuase you hate life, if you hate life realize what is making you hate it and get rid of it. Now, I know people have hard lives behind closed doors, and it makes it hard, but think of school as a place you can get away. Personally, I enjoy high school, but at the same time I dont involve myself in drama and nonsense to make high school a place I hate. I have my friends who I love, and my enemies who I dont even think about. High school is hard, hell even somedays I just want to break down, but I dont, and it makes a diffrence. Millions of people have been through it so I know I will survive, and the day of graduation I will pat myself on the back. But until then I'm just going day by day.

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