Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year, New You?

It comes this time of year when everyone is ready to change. Even myself. We look back on the year we had and we recap the good and the bad and figure out ways to have better and less bad for the following year. You either tell yourself "I’m going to lose weight" "I’m going to get a boyfriend" "I’m going to dump my boyfriend" "I’m going to live life to the fullest" "I’m going to try and be a better person" and etc. We all say this stuff but do we really mean it? I mean you have to want something to get it, and work hard for it as well. So do are New Year’s resolutions real? Or just something we make up to make you feel better. I think everyone should really challenge themselves to be a better person this New Year and stay true to their resolutions! I KNOW IM GOING TO TRY! So here are my new year’s resolutions:

1. Loose just a little bit of weight

2. Figure out college (only a year left to figure it out)

3 Get my License (I could have gotten it a year ago!)

4.  Let love come to me (you go looking for love, and you find the biggest jerks)

5. Be a better me (cliché I know!)

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